What's Phygital CX?


What's Phygital CX?

What’s Phygital CX?

Phygital customer experience (CX) is essentially omnichannel CX that embraces brick-and-mortar as part of the mix, where these are traditionally run as separate operations.

Studies have found that, even amid a pandemic, two out of ten shoppers may browse online but prefer to buy in-store, eliminating the costs and vagaries of delivery. Others go in the opposite direction, wanting to touch, test, and try items on firsthand, but eventually purchasing online, avoiding checkout lines and prolonged physical contact.

Phygital CX recognizes and optimizes this hybrid shopping preference in several ways:

Safety and convenience

If a customer wants to buy a product in-store, phygital CX can tell them what store currently has a stock of that product in the size, color, material, or model they’re looking for. Stores can further offer contactless checkout options or curbside pickup so that customers can choose items remotely and have them prepared to just grab and go. Phygital CX can even mitigate the hassle of social distancing instead of waiting in line to enter a store, customers can be notified remotely when it’s safe for them to enter.


Particularly now, when people may want to minimize interaction with sales staff, customers can use QR codes in stores to learn more about an item say, who designed it or how it’s sustainably created or have the items they want sent straight to a fitting room, receiving a notification when the fitting room is stocked and ready for them.

At stores, smartscreens can combine facial recognition technology and online data to greet customers by name, and offer merchandise options based on their established buying patterns, including favorite colors, brands, sizes, and more. They can even follow a mobile arrow or other directions on their smartphones, to the shelf they’re looking for.

Support and cross-selling

Unifying data among physical and digital channels lets CX providers really hone in on customer needs and opportunities. If a customer buys a washing machine at the store, for instance, then they might appreciate regular online reminders to purchase detergent.

A customer buying many items in a grocery could also benefit from push notification about other items they often get with that set likely a recipe, or regular pantry staples.  Phygital CX can bring customers the best of physical and digital service and support, providing seamless, satisfying, singular customer experiences.