Contact Center Solutions

Resolve customer issues effectively and show them all your brand has to offer.

CX isn’t just a chance to resolve customers’ queries or issues quickly and efficiently – it’s a great opportunity to let them discover, explore, and experience all your products and services. Our contact center solutions empower agents with data-driven analytics and customer insights that make engagements truly personal and totally powerful.


Our market-leading contact center services include:


Customer Care

By empowering your customers to interact and connect through any social media platform or traditional communication channel, on any device, we deliver customer care and a level of service that sets your brand apart from the competition.


Customer Service

With granular, data-driven insights into your customers’ needs and wants, we can better understand them, delivering more responsive and personalized services, increasing customer satisfaction, and boosting loyalty.


Helpdesk Services

Today’s tech-savvy consumers generally only turn to helpdesk services for really complex issues that demand serious expertise. Our professionals are skilled and trained to handle a wide range of customer queries, including:

  • Tier 1 Transactional Services
  • Tier 2-3 Transactional Services
  • Order Management
  • Delivery/Distribution Transactional Management


Sales Support

Modern consumers are hardened against traditional sales pitches – only consultative selling will do, and for that, you need knowledgeable sales staff who can offer intelligent options and apply subtle, smart, successful cross-selling and up-selling techniques. Supported by rich data analytics, our experienced teams can uncover sales opportunities and turn your customer service cost center into a profit center.


Technical Support

IT systems and infrastructure are mission-critical to any operation, making immediate and competent technical support a non-negotiable in modern enterprise. Our comprehensive support services and capabilities – unparalleled front-end customer engagement, issues resolution, and robust back-office processes – yield industry-leading Net Promoter Scores, delivering immense value for your business.


Billing, Order, and Payment Processing

Our contact center operation is equipped with the tools and expert staff needed to support payment and billing issue resolution, quickly and efficiently, generating healthy cash flow without compromising customer relationships.


Customer Acquisition and Retention

Bringing multiple communication channels and advanced technologies to bear, our contact center teams create fresh opportunities to engage with and attract new consumers, at the same time elevating satisfaction levels among existing clients, amplifying customer loyalty and retention.

Onshore, nearshore, or offshore, we’ve got you covered.

At Inspiro, we’re proud to have played a huge role in making our Philippine homebase a destination of choice for global outsourcing. Today, wherever you are in the world, we’ve got the technology and the teams to give you the support you need, with a network of 30,000 customer champions across North America, Latin America, Australia, and Asia.

Always on, always ready

No matter where and when your customers want to interact, our global network is ready and equipped to engage and delight your customers.

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