Travel and Hospitality

Create customer journeys as memorable as the destination.

Want a weekend in Paris? Thanks to reduced fuel costs, discount flights, globalization, and a rise in multinationals, international travel – for business and pleasure – is more accessible than ever before. More people are going more places, and mobile apps and smart technology have changed how they do it, from planning to booking, while social media provides new opportunities for travellers to connect with brands.

Travel & Hospitality companies worldwide count on Inspiro to help them differentiate themselves and make sense – not to mention dollars and cents – out of the mayhem. Our services include Reservations & Ticketing, Group Bookings, Tour Packages, Loyalty Programs, Disruptions/Complaints Handling, Social Media Management, Fulfilment, and Back Office matters.


Success in the Travel and Hospitality sector

  • Developed an online tour package booking system that replaced handwritten procedures and eliminated related passenger complaints
  • Generated PHP 2 million additional monthly sales via an online e-voucher tool
  • Developed a multi-language IVR system that automated critical FAQs

Marquee clients in the Travel and Hospitality industry

  • A major Southeast Asian airline, with an active fleet of more than 70 aircrafts
  • A low-cost carrier offering destinations throughout the Asia-Pacific region

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