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Are you reading this on a mobile device with an internet connection? Bet you are! Data transmission left voice traffic way behind, way back, and mobile devices and broadband connectivity are driving the momentum around trends like video streaming, the Internet of Things, and mobile payments. The telecom sector is staying smack-dab at the epicenter of growth, innovation, and disruption for practically every industry.

Our consultative approach toward client engagements, customer care, technical implementation, and end-to-end service helps our partners differentiate themselves and make sense – not to mention dollars and cents – out of the noise. Our services include Tier I to III Technical Support, Customer Acquisition, Customer Care and Billing Issues, Collections, and Back Office matters.


Success in the Telecoms sector

  • Managed a campaign that generated USD 28,000 in incremental monthly revenue
  • Improved a carrier’s Service Level by 30% through business continuity efforts
  • Drove a 50% true pass rate for new hire class, more than doubling other outsourcers’ results

Marquee clients in the Telecoms industry

  • Two of the Philippines’ largest mobile telecommunications companies
  • A prepaid mobile phone service with more than 70 million subscribers in Asia-Pacific

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