Climb The Ladder Of Success With The Best Call Center Company In Makati

Climb The Ladder Of Success With The Best Call Center Company In Makati

Making It in A Cutthroat Industry with These Qualities

Making It In A Cutthroat Industry WIth These Qualities

The country’s call center scene is one of the busiest in the world. Major companies have put up their call center companies in the Philippines. In Metro Manila, a call center company in Makati stands out from the rest. Continue reading to learn more.

Motivated Employees

There are nearly 1 million call center agents working long-hour shifts daily across hundreds of pf BPO companies in the country. They’re spread out in some of the major business centers in the Metro Manila capital. Agents working at a call center company in Makati, and other parts of the metropolis can handle 70 calls daily. The question of keeping them motivated eventually arises.

According to a study, agents are likely to be motivated if they’re satisfied with the facilities in their work environments. On a more personal level, employees also feel motivated if they’re recognized for their efforts, secured in their employment, and are adequately challenged. Once these are met, you can guarantee that your call center company in Makati will experience a boost in productivity levels.


A call center company in Makati, similar to others, provide employees with options for flexible schedules, through shift rotation. With this option, employees feel that the company values them and looks after their welfare.

Employee and Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is typically a metric that indicates the level of comfort a client has, about the type of interaction they have with an agent. Customer satisfaction is generally measured through questions such as “Were you satisfied with__?” or “How would you rate your satisfaction?”. These questions gauge the quality of the call center’s service. One way to ensure a high customer satisfaction rating for your call center company in Makati is to have enthusiastic and motivated call center agents. Agents who are well-trained and happy translates to better customer experience.

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Good Call Center Agent?

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Good Call Center Agent

Of course, a call center’s brand is only as good as the quality of skill exhibited by its employees. If you’re considering a career in this competitive industry, you also need to ensure that you possess the following attributes: works well under pressure, empathetic, excellent communication skills, and attention to detail.

Works Well Under Pressure

Call center agents who excel in their field have mastered this quality. By being able to work well under pressure, they do not falter the moment the first signs of stress begin to manifest.


The best agents out there can understand their clients’ points of view. Exuding the capacity to be empathetic to the needs of the customer allows them to build rapport – which has a trickle-down effect in improving service.

Good Communication Skills

According to a study conducted by RightNow Technologies, more than 70% of customers retain their loyalty to a brand because of a positive customer service experience. The ability of the agent to communicate well with the customer helps in keeping customer loyalty.

Attention to Detail

Agents with this quality take on a more holistic approach when it comes to problem resolution—subtleties like a change in tone, accent, help in creating a positive experience. Agents who are sensitive to details can transform a challenging interaction to a pleasant and productive one.

How Inspiro Is Exceeding Expectations

How Inspiro Is Exceeding Expectations

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Having been in the industry for almost two decades now, Inspiro is continuously finding ways of exceeding expectations from customers and employees. Just as they serve their clients in exceptional ways, they also ensure that the same is accorded to their outstanding employees to become the best versions of themselves.

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