Find Success as a Call Center Agent in the Philippines

Find Success as a Call Center Agent in the Philippines

Delivering top-tier services for the global market over the last two decades, the Philippines is known as the largest destination for business process outsourcing.

There are over 1.3 million call center agents in the Philippines. One of the fastest-growing sectors in BPO, the call center industry leads the way in providing unparalleled careers and opportunities for fresh graduates and young professionals.


Why You Should Start Your Career as a Call Center Agent

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open to everyone

Since we work with clients and customers from all walks of life, all around the globe, call centers value diversity. We’re not just willing, but eager to hire people of different genders, orientation, inclination, and ethnicity. You don’t even need a college degree – as long as you’re at least eighteen years old, with the drive to work and succeed, a call center is the perfect place to get your foot in the door and kickstart your career!


earnings, rewards, and benefits

Because we work on an international scale, call centers can supply substantial salaries, compared to most entry-level positions in the Philippines. We also offer amazing rewards and benefits – from health insurance for you and your family to awesome company discounts, parties, and outings – along with countless opportunities and incentives for bonuses, promotions, and salary increases.


lifelong, transferable skills and experience

Working with advanced technology and tools, at a job that deals with a dazzling variety of customers, you’ll learn everything you need to thrive in the professional world. From technical skills like programming and encoding data to soft skills like attention to detail, organization, adaptability, problem-solving, communication, active listening, negotiating, and more, you’ll wind up well-equipped to thrive in any career path you choose.


reliable advancement

The call center industry has a high turnover rate, which means that people are able to move around – and move up – quickly. Unlike in more traditional fields, it’s not terribly rare for a call center agent to go from entry level to supervisory to managerial positions. The best call centers are results-oriented and merit-based, so if you just perform well, promotions may very well wait around every corner!


growth and support

It’s easy to grow in a supportive and nurturing environment, and call centers provide some of the best. As we discussed already, it’s not uncommon to rise high within the industry, which means that many supervisors and managers still remember starting out, just like you. They understand your need to grow and prosper as a young professional, and will help and guide you, through team building, company training, and more.


Why Become a Call Center Agent in the Philippines at Inspiro

Why Become A Call Center Agent in the Philippines At Inspiro

Inspiro is a global outsourcing specialist with Philippine roots. One of the first BPOs in Mandaluyong, Dumaguete, and Iloilo, we’ve been thriving for almost nineteen years, and now have over 35 accessible, community-centric locations across the world.

We integrate people, technology, and operational excellence to serve an extensive variety of industries, helping some of the biggest names around the globe in media and entertainment, telecommunications, travel and hospitality, retail and ecommerce, banking and financial services, the automotive field, and so much more.

Success inspires us, so much so that we’ve earned global and regional Best Employer, Best Management Team, and Best Company To Work For recognition, year after year. We’re all about taking action that empowers your next adventure, milestone, or goal, making sure each employee is enriched with different learning opportunities.

We take pride in our community and award-winning company culture. Whether you’re a new, seasonal, or regular employee, you’ll find a warm welcome, with:

  • an equal-opportunity employer and LGBT-friendly community
  • enthusiastic support from an approachable management team
  • the perfect balance of health, fun, dedication, and camaraderie, with account-driven activities, special interest groups, youth empowerment programs, LGBT-friendly programs, company outings, and much, much more!

Joining Inspiro ensures that you’re redefining the customer experience, making a global impact locally, and getting your career started on the best track possible.


Make It Happen with Inspiro!

If you’re looking for a call center company in Makati, we want to help you be the best that you can be, at Inspiro. Our company boasts a unique approach to customer service, with the combined efforts of our experienced and professional team.

If you’re looking to get inspired by success and drive your career in new directions, join our team of highly-skilled customer service representatives, and let’s jumpstart your new career path as a call center agent in the Philippines!

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