Building a Successful Personal Brand Online

Building a Successful Personal Brand Online

How can you build a successful personal brand online?

  1. Set your goals
  2. Create a tailored list of personal strengths
  3. Choose the right online platform
  4. Grow your network
  5. Be consistent


Knowing how to build a successful personal brand online is essential nowadays, especially if you’re on the lookout for a job. 70% of employers use social media and online portfolios to check on their applicants and employees.

So having a strong personal brand increases your chances of getting hired, and, if you’re already an employee, gives you the chance to build your network and increase your exposure. If you’re an entrepreneur, online personal branding can bring you and your business greater value, exposure, recognition, and chances for collaboration.

These steps will teach you to curate efficient, effective, successful online branding – helping you get your foot in the the door, and throw it wide open to opportunity.


Set your goals

Simply cramming general data into your online profile isn’t a viable strategy – you’ll appear unfocused, and viewers are likely to suffer information overload and quickly lose interest. To start streamlining what you present, narrow down what you want to achieve.

If you’re job hunting, what kind of job or company are you aiming for? If you’re employed, are you looking for a promotion, or are travel opportunities more important to you? If you’re an entrepreneur, what kind of customers are you hoping to appeal to? Measurable, realistic goals will help shape your profile toward the results you want.


Create a tailored list of personal strengths

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The professional purpose of your branding is to convince the people you want to work with that they want to work with you. So look at what those people are like and what they’re looking for, then figure out what qualities, skills, and experiences you have that match. HIghlight those, even if they’re non-professional – like, say, your ability to draw, which shows your creativity, or volunteer work, which shows initiative and engagement.

What you leave out, though, is just as important as what you put in – if you want to get noticed as a programmer, for instance, then your talent for baking is probably irrelevant. Avoid extraneous information, and never list skills and experiences you can’t prove. You want the people you’re interested in to see that you’re the perfect fit for their needs.


Choose the right online platform

There are plenty of platforms out there – LinkedIn, Jobstreet, Indeed, Kalibrr, Google – but attempting to be active on every single one isn’t just untenable, it’s a waste of time. After all, the people you’re trying to communicate with aren’t on every platform, either!

The simplest way to narrow down your choices is to look at the websites of companies in the field that concerns you, and see what platforms they use. If you’re building your reputation in Asia, and particularly the Philippines, Facebook is one good choice.


Grow your network

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Now that you’ve got your online personal branding established, it’s time to grow your network – in other words, make sure that more people get to see your branding.

Online platforms like Linkedin make this possible. You can send out connection requests, post content, engage with existing connections, and more. In this instance, you don’t need to be too curated – you never know who you know, who might know someone else who could turn out to be pivotal to your professional growth.


Be consistent

The key to successful branding, online and anywhere else, is consistency. You must make an effort to constantly connect, create, and keep your content up to date, because you don’t want people to just look at your information once – you want to stay top-of-mind, so that when opportunities open up, people think of you to fit the bill.

Hone and update your branding on a regular basis, while still keeping in mind the goals you set, the strengths you want to showcase, and the image you want to project.


Key Takeaway

Online personal branding is one of the most important elements for a flourishing career in today’s workplace, whether you’re a jobseeker, freelancer, employee, or entrepreneur. It only takes purpose, focus, and consistency to make and sustain an impeccable impression!

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